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Our Love of Morocco and its locations has no limits. Morocco is awesome to say the least and we now have a Free-Fly Alta-8, MoVI M15, and a DJI INSPIRE 1- 4K System based in the beautiful seaside film-hub and city of Essaouira, just 2.5 hours drive west of Marrakesh and 6.5 hour drive to the famous film location's of Ouarzazate (Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven)

We also have a a fantastic local film production team standing by to help with any aerial or camera stabilsed filming your team might require in one of the most versitile film locations on earth.

For more information please contact:


Our specialized 4x4 V8 Land Rover  - Equiped with a full HD on board wireless Directors monitor & Play Back System -

Call +44 (0)78665 37126

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