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FREEFLY ALTA X - Heavy Lifter Drone

Compatible Cameras : Arri Alexa LF, Arri Alexa XT, Alexa MinI, RED Weapon/Dragon, Phantom Flex, ARRI 435, ARRI 416, Black Magic Camera, Sony FS7, Sony Venice, Panasonic VARI-Cam

Payload: Max 35lbs 

Speed: Top speed of over 60mph (95km/h)

Flight Time: 50 Minute flight time with no payload, 22 minute flight with 20lb payload

Unique features: Quick release mounting system on top or bottom of aircraft and is weather resistant

Compatible Lenses: ARRI Signature Primes,ARRI Ultra Primes, Super Speeds, Cooks, Carl Zeiss CP2's, Panavison Anamorphics, Kowas Anamorpohics, Arri Anamorphics, Cook Anamorphics, Angeniuex  Zoom

Includes:  3 x Crew (pilot/camera Op, Spotter/Charge manager), Remote Focus System, 3 X HD Receivers & Monitors, Open Comms System between Pilot, Cam Op and Spotter.

(Please let us know if you would like us to supply a Focus Puller)


Recommended for:  High-end Commercials and Feature Films



DJI Inspire 3.png
  • Full-frame 8K imaging system: Introducing the X9-8K Air, including dual native ISO and 14+ stops of dynamic range

  • DJI’s latest image processing system, CineCore 3.0, supports internal recording of up to 8K/25fps CinemaDNG video and 8K/75fps Apple ProRes RAW video

  • DL Lens Compatibility: New DL18mm, plus 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm

  • Built-in ultra-wide night-vision FPV camera allows pilots to observe their surroundings, vividly and clearly

  • Advanced flight modes specially designed for aerial cinematography: Waypoint Pro, Repeatable Routes, and 3D Dolly

  • Upgraded Spotlight Pro: Enhanced automated subject recognition and locking for people, vehicles, and boats

  • RTK positioning technology for increased flight stability and more accurate flight planning

  • Upgraded dual control experience, enabling pilot and gimbal operator to be located at different positions on set

  • Compatible with DJI RC Plus smart controller: Built-in 7-inch 1,200-nit screen

  • New DJI Pilot 2 app adds cinema-grade monitoring interface

  • Cinema-grade O3 Pro video transmission and control: Up to 8km (CE) in single controller mode and up to 6.4km (CE) in dual controller mode

  • Omnidirectional sensing system and new fisheye camera added to each of the four landing arms

  • Up to 28 minutes of flight time and hot-swappable capabilities

  • DJI PROSSD 1TB, supports maximum read speed of 900Mbps

  • Compatible with DJI PRO ecosystem


Recommended for: Mid to High-end Commercials and Films

360° DRONE

Our custom built 360 Drone, is equipmed with our INSTA-PRO2

360, 3D 8K Camera

With a full live link wirless feed and the  ability to change the cameras setting whilst in the air.  Click on the image to see the drone inaction.



FreeFly TERO - Buggy

Compatible Cameras : Arri Alexa Mini, RED Weapon/Dragon, Sony FS7
Compatible Lenses: ARRI Ultra Primes, Super Speeds, Cooks, Carl Zeiss CP2's,

Includes: 2 x Crew (Driver/Camera op)  + Focus Puller. Red Epic 5K Camera & 16mm Lens, Single Motor Remote focus, 2 X HD Receivers & Monitors, Mobile Vehicle with builtin monitors and seating for three.

Recommended for: High-end TV Productions, Commercials and Films

Black-Tek Tower -Vehicle Jib Arm

Black-Tek Vertical Jib Arm

This is a hugely versatile - Vehicle stabilisation system.

It can be rigged to almost any vehicle.

Can be flown world wide (unlike a Russian Arm)

Includes: 2 x Crew (Driver/Camera Op)  Audi A6 Le MANS, Mobile Vehicle with builtin monitors and seating for 5 (Director, DOP, Focus Puller & Driver)

Recommended for: High-end TV Productions, Commercials and Films



Compatible Cameras : Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Alexa XT, RED Weapon/Dragon, Sony FS7, Phantom
Compatible Lenses: ARRI Ultra Primes, Super Speeds, Cooks, Carl Zeiss CP2's.

The R2 is most versatile camera stabilisation available, whether handheld or mounted on a vehicle, cablecam system, steadicam or drone. It supports up to 30 lbs (15lbs more than a MoVI Pro). Giving creative professionals the flexibility and freedom to choose the perfect camera and lens for the scene.

Includes: R2 Gimbal, Terradek Bolt, DJI Single Remote Focus System

Cablecam & Crew

Our Streamline Cablecam System

Capable of travelling at over 25kph on a dual line of over 200 meters.


  • Cablecam trolley Operator

  • Gimbal/Camera Operator

  • Rigger

  • Cablecam system 200 meters of Dyneema Line (100meters if using doubled up saftey line)

  • DJI Ronin 2 or MoVI - Remote Head


The RatMobile - Xtreme 4x4 -four seater tracking Vehicle

Our Camera selection

Back of Ratmob ile.JPG

Click on the  images to see the Ratmobile in action


£650 + VAT Per day


ARRI 435 35mm  Film Camera

£450 + VAT Per day


£450 + VAT Per day

SONY A7s MK2 Full Frame - 4K CAMERA

£100 + VAT Per day


Go-Pro 8 Black

4K Action Camera

with Hypersmooth

image Stabilisation


Our INSTA Pro2

8K 3D 360


Post Production - We work closely with our friends @Imaginary Pictures

360 Stitching, AR, VR, 3D and photogrametry,

are all services our colleagues at Imaginagry Pictures are able to consult and supply in the highest capacity.

At our offices in East Sussex we offer a full post production service, including 360/VR Stitching, VIVE, Editing, D.I.Ti'ng, Volumetric Capture & Photogrametry.  Pls contact Kevin Zemrowsky for more infromation.

Allington Photogrametry.jpeg

Call +44 (0)78665 37126

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