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ALEXA LF DRONE - A World First


With the help from our friends at ARRI GB Team, we finally achieved our goal of lifting the Alexa LF Large Format camera. Flight times where a generous 8 minutes (Safely landing with batteries at 30%). We also managed to comfortably lift Arri's latest Signature Primes Lenses series that cover the 4.5K Sensor.

This Cameras specs are incredible! Including the ability to shoot RAW at 90FPS in Large Format 4.5K uncompressed resolution.

One of our biggest challenges was not just lifting the Alexa LF Camera but powering the camera too... the LF is a 24V Camera, similar to the 'days of old'... like the ARRI's 35mm Cameras...the 435 & 535 Cameras where also 24V and as a Steadicam operator - I've known the challenge of powering 24V cameras 'on the fly'.

But by custom building a 24Volt Cable (which we now sell) and using the amazing Ronin2 Gimbal - we are now flying (& Powering). The greatest Large Format Digital Cinema Camera on the planet.

Many thanks to ARRI CT, Milan Krsljanin and Mark Dollery, for their patience, help and belief in us.

We will soon be posting our ALEXA LF DRONE Footage.... Stay Tuned to our Instagram, YouTube & Vimeo feed.

As Arri looks to phase out the Alexa 65, and replace it with the Alexa LF, you can see below that the Alexa XT and the Alexa LF are almost identical in size, this means we are also able to fly the Alexa XT.

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